Issue One.

Collection One. An Entry Level Basis Into Streetwear. Building Over The Basic Fundamentals Seen Today With A Change Of Direction In Various Stylistic Traditions.

Keeping To The Vintage Aesthetic Widely Valued Today, Overweighted And Oversized Shirts Accompanied By Vintage Washed Shorts Takes The Look Back To The 20th Century Rave Culture Scene.

Graphic Development Was Our Main Focus Coming Into Our First Release. We Were Particular On Our Approach On What We Wanted To Break Silence On. Particularly Injustice. Looking Through Past And Present Issues, Our Focus Became Inevitable And We Dedicated Our Designs To Racial Hatred.

“Through The Wire / Behind The Bars”.

An Emphasis On The Miscarriage Of Justice And Systematic Oppression Within The Systems Around The World Which Are Failing To Bring Justice To Innocent Lives Causing Mass Population Incarceration. The Graphic Depicts What These Innocent People Go Through During Their Sentence Hearing, Imprisonment And Their Long-Awaited Release Dates.

Criminal Justice”.

The Artistic Development On Our Garment Focused On The Mistreatment Of Minorities And

Communities Of Various Races, Ethnicities And Nationalities. A Design, With Purpose To Bring

Awareness To The Minorities That Are

Stepped Over And Overlooked Throughout The Streets We Are Embedded Amongst. A Question Of Equality Is Raised, An Open-Minded Society, We Hope. There Will Be No Change Without Practicing Empathy And True Justice.

“Ethnic Mosaic”.

An Appreciation Towards Racial Diversity Helping Maintain The Various Cultures That Shape Our Society Within. We Wanted To Display A Graphic That Displays Importance Of Diversity (Hence The Bright Graphic Approach) Helping Gain A Perspective Of Different Backgrounds And Cultures From The People We Share Our Streets With. Accept And Welcome Variety Of People And Ideas Different To Our Own.

If You Withhold Hatred Within Your Opinions, We Discourage That You Shop With Us.